Sunday, July 29, 2012

View From The Window

View 1: Green yard in front of Mas Ery's house. I could see it everyday when I was there.
View 2: Green garden and Musi River in front of Mr Sigid's house. Now, I see the view above every day.
There is a sunrise early in the morning and sunset in the afternoon (I will share some photos next).
When the time is late, I can hear the sound of Pertamina's or Pupuk Sriwijaya's ship and boats crossing the river.

Both of them, what a wonderful view to look from the window!


  1. wow! nice green garden! nitip foto2 yang banyak ya mbak, kayanya landscapenya bagus :D

    1. okaaaay sis, siaaaap. wani piro? hehehehe
      photo2 situ juga mantap euy di bali:))