Monday, December 12, 2011


Malang Olympic Garden (MOG), December 10 2011

We can find this word everywhere without need any plan. My friends and I spent Saturday night in that place. Then, when we wanna arrived home, I found it. Ironic!

I didn’t know his name. I thought he was an elementary school student. Near parking place of the big mall, he sat. In his hand, there was a little light. But it didn’t like a flashlight. Absolutely that’s not enough light to brighten his book. In his knee, there were two books. I could see clearly, he read Atlas carefully and wrote then. While some people passing by beside him, he just studied. Such lived in an isolated place, he didn’t care anything. He just accompanied by his cat that slept soundly behind. A few packs of bread filled his precious box. I knew, he might sell it all and still took time for studying. Superb child! Seeing your spirit and hardwork, it made me ashamed boy, really.

Behind him, there are a symbol of capitalism, welfare, and high lifestyle. Inside it, we can see consumerism are spread widely. He studied, others ate pizza. He studied, others hunt for the discount. He studied, others accompanied their children at kids playing area. He studied, I was in hurry to go home. Ironic! I am really really sorry good boy :(. I hope you can reach your dream someday. I pray for it.

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