Saturday, May 12, 2012

Running News @KRI-KRCI

KRCI-Humanoid Soccer *photos taken by set

Yesterday, the big event of robot contest were held in ITS. Yeah, ITS became the host of regional IV. Was I taking apart on it? Hehehe, absolutely no! But as a journalist, I was on it. I accompanied the reporters while they were 'fighting' with news all day long.

Here are the links to access our news:

ITS Unjuk Gigi Saat Running Test
Pamer Kemampuan di Running Test Dua
Sensor Cahaya Pengaruhi Robot Victory ITS
Al Ramadhan Cetak Poin di Sesi I
Penyisihan Pertama, Hurofu Gagal Masukkan Bola
RI-NHO Aman di Penyisihan Pertama
Herman: KRI/KRCI Harus Bawa Kemaslahatan
Jatuh Bangun di Putaran Kedua Humanoid Soccer
Penyisihan 2, RI-NHO Ungguli Wiyama
Al-Ramadhan ITS, Selangkah Lagi ke Nasional
Tiga Tim Selesaikan KRCI Robot Berkaki
Undian, Jalan Terakhir Menuju Semifinal
RI-NHO ITS Lolos ke Semi Final
Hurofu dan PENGUIN Berebut Posisi Ketiga
Hurofu Raih Posisi Ketiga KRCI Divisi Humanoid
RI-NHO Bawa ITS Maju ke Nasional

The supporters and their yell, the team, the robot, whoooa great! Standby since early till end of the event, I could see it clearly.

*I will share some photos next time of this competitions. Remind me please:)

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